Monday, September 21, 2015

4 A/B tests that ensure best landing pages for your site

Marketing works best when it is done with proper research. So how do you define research? Research can be about finding best campaigns or modifying your strategies as per your audience or, in some cases it can be about finding out the best via implementing A/B tests.
ab testing

But in this article, I am going to talk about A/B testing. A/B testing, in simple words is about trying two different web versions in order to find out which one works better. A small modification in the design of your website or the font size, can result you higher conversions.  To help you out, here are four A/B test elements you can start with to make your landing pages more converting.

  1. Headline :

    Headline is the first thing a visitor notices when he arrives on your landing page. So it is important that your headline explains the visitor what’s next. State clearly who you are and what the visitor needs to do next. Keep the headline simple, clear yet compelling. Try various variants in order to find out which one performs best.

    Do you know the popular browser Mozilla Firefox received 3.6% benefit by changing call-to-action from “Try Firefox 3” to “Download Now - free”which resulted in 500 more downloads during testing period only.
  2. Lead generation form :

    With A/B testing, you can improve conversion rate of your lead generation form. Try different forms of layouts. One of the most irritating thing the visitor needs to face online is to fill long lead generation forms manually. Instead of going through this time complicated process, they prefer searching better options.

    Social Login works best here. Social Login lets your website visitors authenticate themselves using their existing social identity. Social Login is one of the best ways for online data collection without making your visitors frustrated. By offering social login, you can simplify the whole lead generation process and ensure more quality leads.
  3. Call to Action buttons :

    For most of the businesses, making the visitor click on CTA is the end goal, in that case putting some serious efforts on designing your call to action buttons is definitely a worth. You can change the color of CTAs or position or Size or even text, in order to find out which one is more compelling. Keep the text short and catchy! Try different text versions, color versions, size variants and discover the best.
  4. Visuals :

    Pretty pictures work the best, we all know. But do you know 40% of users respond to visual content in a much better way compared to plain text. Marketers who are adding visual content in their websites are witnessing huge growth and higher conversions. Use interesting images, videos, infographics, etc.

All of these are the four basic element where you can start. The key to perfections is to keep testing and optimizing.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Best ways to welcome visitors on your site

Best ways to welcome visitors on your site

They say, first impression is the last impression. You never get a second chance for the first impression and that’s why every business no matter online or offline, must put some special efforts to make this first impression memorable. But unlike offline businesses, you can’t actually see, talk or listen to your visitors. All that you need to do is to create a smooth environment for your audience which can make them stick around. In this article I have summarized five tips to welcome website visitors. These tips will help you to personalize website experience for your first time visitors and convince them to convert.

  1. Offer a welcome message :

    In an online business, you can’t hire a beautiful receptionist on your site to give warm welcome to your visitors, so what do you do? You create a personalized welcome message as soon as the user lands on your website. Add a short welcome message that can go with your business. You can also create a video that welcomes new visitors on your site. But make sure to keep the video short.
  2. Introduce them to your business :

    Not all the visitors arriving to your website are aware of your brand values and services. So always make sure to introduce your brand to your visitors as it will improve the chances of conversions. Visitors must know about the brand they are interacting with. let them know what you do, how choosing your brand is going to benefit them. It will help them to make more informed decisions.
  3. Ditch the long sign up forms :

    We all hate filling forms, right? Filling long forms online in order to register on a website is no fun at all and works as a turn off for your website visitors. Resulting they either choose to abandon the website and even if they stay, they end up filling incorrect information in forms which is going to be of no use for your business.
    Social Login
    That’s where social login, also known as Social Sign On comes in the picture. It lets your website visitors sign in using their one of their existing social media accounts such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Apart from making the whole process smooth, it provides you permission based first party user profile data that you can utilize to create personalized experience that users love.
  4. Make the navigation easy :

    By making small changes at your website navigation, you can guide your visitors to the next step of conversion. For ex, for first time visitors, you can showcase the top categories. Complicated navigation process might irritate users and make them leave in search of better options. So if you want to make them stay, keep the navigation as simple as possible.
  5. Showcase most popular products :

    As the first time visitor doesn’t know much about your website and business, why not help them out by showcasing the products which are trending most . Sort out the products based on the sales. Also you can highlight the best products based on customer ratings and reviews in order to enhance the chances of conversions.

In brief, your website is basically the online home of your business. That being said, you must welcome your visitors to your online store just like you do to offline ones. Above mentioned five tips are the basic ones, you can start with.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Do you know around 69% users who visit Pinterest have the clear desire of purchasing in their mind. We all know Pinterest is creative and fun but apart from that. it has also become an efficient means of brand exposure. But not many marketers are yet serious about the effectiveness of Pinterest and among those who are, are confused about how they are going to utilize it for driving benefits to their business.

Check  out this video that explains you how to utilize Pinterest to drive sales and traffic to your website.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 web design mistake you need to avoid

Whether you are selling something online or offering some information to your audience, conversion holds great importance for every business. Conversion implies that users are taking the desired action on your site. They are browsing your site, interacting with you and at the end, purchasing products. But on the contrary, if they are simply browsing pages without converting actually, then all your efforts are going in vain and it clearly implies that you are making some mistakes that are preventing your audience from converting.

In this article, I am listing down five website design mistakes that are leading to poor conversions on your website :

  1. Complicated sign up process :

    Social login

    The last thing a user wants is to fill a long registration form with endless fields before going further. We all have been to this situation more than once. Long registration process and another password to memorize is sure to make users leave the website in order to search for better option.
    In order to stop users from leaving, offer social login. Also known as Social media login, it lets your audience sign in to your site with one of their existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.  This will save their time and they can spend this time checking out more pages of your website. Apart from making the process convenient, it also grants you access to the precious user information from their social profiles.
  2. Too many popups : Users arrive on your website with a particular action in their mind and anything that comes in between, turns them off and makes them leave. When the user arrives on your website and sees too many pop-ups waiting for him, it kills the momentum. Too many pop-ups are one of the reasons that can make users leave your site within 10 seconds.
    Here are some tips to get rid of this problem : a. make it easy to close the pop-up b. don’t show same message to every user c. show pop-up at least after 60 seconds
  3. Clueless navigation : If your website navigation is poor, disorganized, it can cost you with the loss of customers. Nobody has the time to go through multiple pages of your site in order to find out the desired page.
    poor navigation
    Make your website organized by providing a simple navigation system that tells the user where certain information resides. The home page should have the links to the most important pages of your website on a simple menu.
  4. Poor color contrast : You must make it easy to view your website on different kind of devices including desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. To that end, having large font, clear color contrast is essential. Keep the text dark with light background so that it can be easy to read.
    Poor color contrast
    Also style your text by either making important points bold or italian and make sure to highlight hyperlinks.
  5. No clear call to action :

    A clear call to action button is very important part of your website that encourages your users to do the desired action. But without an optimized CTA buttons, you will not be able to convert them. Some of the most common mistakes marketers make with CTA buttons including placing them below the fold, making them too small, etc.
    poor cta button
    If you are expecting conversions, make the CTA look stand out and place it above the fold. A perfect call to action is placed as a large button on the homepage of your site but also make sure to scatter it throughout your site.

In brief, if you want your audience to convert, you need to make it a seamless experience for them. Offer simple navigation, clear call to action avoiding these mistakes will result you in higher conversions.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Five Best practices for online registration

As an online user, I hate registration forms and why not? They are time consuming and requires me to create another set of username and password which I might forget as soon as I leave the site. But from business point of view, registration hold great importance as it provides them the opportunity to interact with their visitors and understand them.

But do you know,  as per the research by Forrester , 11% US adults prefer to leave the website rather than creating new account. Another shocking fact says that 88% online users fill incorrect information in sign-up forms which creates a big question in front of businesses, Is registration process really worthy?

If your website can’t live without registration process, you must make your sign-up process as smooth as possible. Here are some best practices that you need to implement in order to make new user registration smooth.

  1. Give visitors a reason to register :

    Right from the starting, explain the importance of registration to your visitors. Registration process takes time and if you want your audience to opt registration, a clear reason must be defined. Explain why registration is important and what features they are missing if they won’t register.
  2. Ditch the forms with social login :

    Registration forms with endless fields are doing no good for your business. Users hate filling forms and if you are making them fill these forms one by one, they are surely to abandon the process and leave the site. But with tools like social media login, you can simplify this process by letting them authenticate themselves with their existing social media identity.
    Social login

    Social login eliminates the need of creating yet another site specific password and provides your visitors a convenient way of login. Apart from simplifying registration, it also provides you reliable user profile data that can be a strong base of user oriented marketing strategies.
  3. Break long sign up process into multiple steps :

    With many ecommerce websites, the sign-up process is combined with the customer checkout process but what they don’t realize that this makes the process too time consuming and often frustrates their users. To solve this issue, you should break up this customer registration process into clearly labeled steps so that the visitor know exactly how many steps he/she needs to take in order to complete registration.
  4. Play by the rules :

    Make your security and privacy policies crystal clear to your customer. Users are most concerned about their privacy and even a small doubt about the security policies of your business is enough to make them leave. Always add a clear link to your brand’s privacy policies section on registration page.
  5. Provide guest checkout option :

    Yeah, we all know that registration holds so much importance for your business but what about those customers who are in rush and don’t have enough time to register? Providing guest checkout with other options will help you to make them stay. After all you would rather see a transaction completed than a visitor leaving.

Registration is an important part of a website. But without implementing these best practices, your website registration is only going to irritate visitors. Mention in the comments what are other things businesses consider while designing registration process for their business?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Five digital marketing mistakes you need to avoid

As a marketer I often come across numerous blogs about how businesses can boost their digital marketing efforts, what are the latest digital marketing techniques and so on. But nobody tells you what you should NOT do. To that end, I have decided to pen down here five digital marketing mistakes that you should avoid

1. Ignoring the importance of mobile :

Mobile is the future we heard long time ago. But still most of the marketers haven't put this important aspect into their marketing strategies yet. People are rapidly migrating from desktops to mobile devices which implies that having a mobile friendly website is no longer an option. Marketers must need to opt for responsive design works food with all kind of devices. Apart from that they must put efforts to prepare a smooth experience for their mobile users.

2. Stuffing keywords in the content :

Google has changed its way to rank websites. One of the key changes it has made is to the way keywords are used in the content. Stuffing keywords in the content will not only rank down your website but can also penalize your website. Google now gives priority to unique and informative content. So if you are using duplicate content, filled up with keywords, on your website, it is something that can cause you great harm in near future.

3. Not including social media in your marketing strategy :

Social media has become an essential part of marketing strategies of every business and if you haven't embraced social media for your business, you are missing out a lot. Social media is an effective platform to expose your business in  front of a grand audience and spread word about your business. You need to find out important social media networks as per your niche and must prepare an effective social media strategy for your business to boost maximum benefits.

4. Not tracking digital marketing efforts :

If you are tracking your digital marketing efforts, you are doing great but if you are not, start it today! Without measuring your marketing efforts, you won't be able to find out what works for your business and what not. By tracking your marketing efforts you can understand what works best for your business and make changes to the strategies which are not doing any good to you.

5. Ignoring A/B testing :

The only way to find out the best is to TRY & TEST. You must try new ideas and techniques for your business to explore the best. Ignoring A/B testing will limit your benefits. With A/B testing you can test your techniques on how to make your business grow and how to optimize your marketing efforts. For ex you can prepare two versions of home page and test out which one is better and then you can move forward with the better one and grow your business fastest.

As a digital marketer you should always know what to do and what not to do online. Avoiding above mentioned five mistakes will optimize your efforts and boost benefits. What are other mistakes digital marketers often make? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hate registration forms? Social Login can help you!

Businesses often struggle to convert their site visitors into subscribers because of the complicated registration process. Research shows that -

  • 86% users are bothered by creating new accounts.
  • 92% users prefer to leave the website instead of recovering login information.
  • 88% users admit to fill incorrect information in registration forms.

To get rid of this issue, social network login has become increasingly famous across the online websites.

What is Social Login?

Social Login allows visitors to use an existing social identity (such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, etc) to login to a website, post comments, subscribe, etc. In other words, with social login feature users can sign in to a website using one of their existing social media networks. It is basically a handshake between the website and the identity provider (ie Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, etc). During this handshake process, permissions as well as relevant data is passed to the website by id provider. This data mostly includes location, email, age, friends, gender, etc.

Why you should embrace social login?

1. Accuracy + Convenience :

We all hate forms. Social Login feature is much simpler than the usual form driven sign-up process. Not only is the data fected via social login is more accurate than a form but it also provides a better experience to users. Because of the simpler registration process, users spend more time on website instead of bouncing back. The more time users spend on website, the better will be its search engine ranks. Social Login improves the likelihood of gaining new customers.

2. More return customers + Increased audience :

By offering social login, you not only improve customer experience on your website but also increase the probability of that user returning to you. With Social login, they can come back to you whenever they want without worrying about the password. They no longer need to bother to recover their login info which directly implies more return customers to your website. Apart from this, social login also encourages users to share their experience with your website within their social networks. Read here how different businesses are using social login on their website.

3. Personalized content + Higher conversion :

Social login allows websites to access users’ personal information which is available on their social profiles. It helps the website to personalize the content it presents to its audience by plugging in criteria such as gender, interests, age, gender, occupation,interests etc which gives the audience more satisfying experience. Personalization is the key to conversion. By offering users what they want, you can encourage them to convert. Getting higher conversions is the key aim of an effective marketing strategies and social login lets you achieve that.

It is the age of social media and every business needs to be social in order to survive in this age. Social Network login is a huge step forward in this direction but there is another big reason why you should implement social login on your site- because your audience want it.  With 77% users admit that social login is a great registration solution, your business is making a cardinal mistake if you haven’t implemented social login on your website yet.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 surefire ways to get the best out of social login

Social Login has emerged as one of the effective means of simplifying registration process thereby making the life easier for both business owners as well as its users. Along with access to precious user data, implementing social login on website offers a smooth personalized experience to users without needing to create yet another password.

In general Social Login also known as Social Network Login, provides your website visitors the ability to sign in using their existing accounts on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and many more.

But implementing social login on website doesn’t guarantee that you will experience benefits unless you follow these five ways to get the best out of it :

1. Prioritize social networks:

Make sure to include more than one choice of social media networks with which user can login. Prioritize social networks that you want to provide on the basis of your business niche, audience characteristics, location and the popularity of that network. For ex, you would not want to use Linkedin for an online shopping portal. It is one of the most crucial step for social login implementation.

2. Find out entry gates of your customers :

If you want to integrate social login on your website make sure to put it on all the important pages along with Home page. Find out which are the entry gates of your customers and implement social login on the same. In general you need to integrate social login on Home page, Registration page, login page, pricing page,commenting page, landing page, etc. Also don’t forget to put social login above the fold so that it can easily draw customer attention.

3. Design and Call to action :

Select social login buttons as per your theme and there should be proper contrast so that these buttons can easily draw customer attention. Social login buttons should be neither too small nor too big. Design of social login must be chosen taking care of the device which is being used to access the website. Appropriate combination of color, size and design can help you to get the best out of it. Also there should be a clear call to action with social login buttons. For ex, instead of using “Why not sign in using Facebook account”, use “Sign in or login with Facebook”. Keep the call to action short and informative.

4. Keep it simple and friendly :

Users opt social login to save their time of going through complicated sign up process so make sure to stick with that. Don’t complicate the process of signing in using social networks and keep it simple and friendly. Don’t waste time asking permissions for the data that you are not going to use. Once user has clicked to login socially, make sure the authentication process is as simple as possible.

5. Give them purpose to use Social Login :

Though many of the users are aware of the benefits of opting social login, what about those who are not? Give them a clear answer why opting social login is better than filling multiple field one by one. Also let them know what benefits they will get if they go for Social login.

Here are five things that you must keep in mind while implementing social login on your website or apps in order to maximize social login benefits.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Social login mistakes : What you need to know

Social Login has emerged as one of the most powerful social media tools that comes with numerous benefits for both customers as well as business. Many big organizations like Forbes, Aruba, 24 hour Fitness, etc have implemented Social Login on their websites and have seen growth in their business.

But implementing social login doesn’t guarantee you improved sign-up rates and other benefits unless you don’t avoid following common social login mistakes :  

1. Not offering choice between social id providers :

Okay I agree that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform with around 1.44 billion monthly active users on it. But not everyone wants to use Facebook to login to a website. The more options you will provide the higher sign-up rates will be. It is recommended to offer around 3 to 5 social networks in order to enhance flexibility.

The choice of social id providers can be done by analyzing target audience. For ex, if you are an ecom site, offering Linkedin as social id provider is not a wise choice. The three most popular gamers are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that you must not avoid. Red bull works perfectly in this case by offering all the three big players on the registration page.

2. Not implementing Social Login on the important pages of your website :

Another common mistake often made by web owners is to limiting the implementation of social login on the registration page only. Instead it is highly recommended to use social login on all the  important pages of the website including :

  • Login/Sign in page
  • Resource download page
  • Commenting Page
  • Landing page

3. Making social login widgets hard to locate :

Social login option should be easily visible to your customers. Always keep the option of social login above the fold. Users want everything easy and quick. With most of the audience accessing internet from mobile devices, using too small social login widget and placing them at places which are not easily visible will surely spoil your customer experience. To avoid this mistake, make sure to place social login button at easy-to-locate places as location plays an important part.

4. Not utilizing social profile data :
Yes, There are websites which have social login installed but they do not collect the user’s profile data. Many marketers completely miss the point that when they are allowing the user to login via social networks, its the data which can help them a lot! Not using the user profile data is like harness the actual power of social login. With the correct use of permission, webmasters can help marketers a lot with the precious information.

No doubt, integrating social login on the site is very easy but doing it right can help businesses in a much better. keep these points in your mind.