Saturday, May 16, 2015

Social login mistakes : What you need to know

Social Login has emerged as one of the most powerful social media tools that comes with numerous benefits for both customers as well as business. Many big organizations like Forbes, Aruba, 24 hour Fitness, etc have implemented Social Login on their websites and have seen growth in their business.

But implementing social login doesn’t guarantee you improved sign-up rates and other benefits unless you don’t avoid following common social login mistakes :  

1. Not offering choice between social id providers :

Okay I agree that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform with around 1.44 billion monthly active users on it. But not everyone wants to use Facebook to login to a website. The more options you will provide the higher sign-up rates will be. It is recommended to offer around 3 to 5 social networks in order to enhance flexibility.

The choice of social id providers can be done by analyzing target audience. For ex, if you are an ecom site, offering Linkedin as social id provider is not a wise choice. The three most popular gamers are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that you must not avoid. Red bull works perfectly in this case by offering all the three big players on the registration page.

2. Not implementing Social Login on the important pages of your website :

Another common mistake often made by web owners is to limiting the implementation of social login on the registration page only. Instead it is highly recommended to use social login on all the  important pages of the website including :

  • Login/Sign in page
  • Resource download page
  • Commenting Page
  • Landing page

3. Making social login widgets hard to locate :

Social login option should be easily visible to your customers. Always keep the option of social login above the fold. Users want everything easy and quick. With most of the audience accessing internet from mobile devices, using too small social login widget and placing them at places which are not easily visible will surely spoil your customer experience. To avoid this mistake, make sure to place social login button at easy-to-locate places as location plays an important part.

4. Not utilizing social profile data :
Yes, There are websites which have social login installed but they do not collect the user’s profile data. Many marketers completely miss the point that when they are allowing the user to login via social networks, its the data which can help them a lot! Not using the user profile data is like harness the actual power of social login. With the correct use of permission, webmasters can help marketers a lot with the precious information.

No doubt, integrating social login on the site is very easy but doing it right can help businesses in a much better. keep these points in your mind. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Five tips to write the content that lasts forever

Content has always been the king of the world of digital marketing. An effective content marketing strategy is the prime requirement for a business to be successful. But what is the sense of high quality content that is shown on page 11 or 12 of Google search results? Along with that If the content is not worth reading and doesn't serve it’s purpose, it’s not worth writing.

Five tips to write the content that lasts forever

Every blogger wants to write the content that drives traffic for years. But is it possible? Yes, it is. The solution is to make the right balance and create interesting quality content that users love to read and Google love to index. Here are some tips that will help you with exactly that.

1. Planning! Planning! and Planning!!!

Proper planning and research is must when you are a digital marketer. Also prepare a Content calendar using which you can plan and strategize your content activities. It also helps you to plan your consistency, important dates and many more. It also forces marketers to research and explore relevant topic and keywords.

2. Don’t forget to create outlines :

By creating detailed outlines for you articles, blogs will help you to do advanced preparation and save time and effort. By doing this, you will be able to strategize your content both for users as well as for SEO. The outline basically contains three things -

  • A catchy search engine friendly headline
  • A set of keyword rich subheadings
  • Main messages, ideas and thoughts for blogs

All these things can be optimized later but preparing this in advance will optimize your efforts.

3. Write for humans, not for robots :

There is a whole lot difference in finding your content and getting engaged with it. Instead of writing for search engines, prefer to write for the audience after all search engines won’t buy your product, people will. There is no use of writing boring, long content even if is SEO optimized as it won’t encourage users to buy your product. Many of the users won’t even read the whole content so again, what good it does? The process is very simple, you should write while keeping your audience in mind. Write for humans and when you are done, you can optimize it with keywords.

4. Make use of keywords properly :

The importance of keywords in SEO is not hidden from anyone. Many of the marketers make use of keywords in their content but what they don’t do is to properly utilize these keywords. Terms like keyword density, keyword prominence affect the ranking of your content in search engines. To that end, here are some questions you must ask yourself :

  • Does your title contains main keyword?
  • Have you used LSI keywords?
  • Have you used long tail keywords?

5. Add interesting pictures :

Images are the trend now a days. Adding interesting and unique images to your content will bring life to it. People find images more attractive and engaging. So always make sure to use interesting high quality images. Also add alt text and set keyword as the descriptive file name. Apart from images, also make use of videos, gifs, infographics to make your content evergreen.

These five tips if used correctly, will make your content stand out and drive you traffic for years. What are the other content writing tips, you think I missed. Mention your content writing tips in the comments below.

Guide to successful social media strategy

Though the concept of social media marketing is not very old but today the importance of it is no longer a question of debate. Social Media offers businesses a powerful platform for customer engagement, lead generation and brand exposure.

Guide to successful social media strategy

All well-set big corporation have already dedicated themselves to social media marketing while small and medium sized businesses have started putting efforts in the same direction. Whether you are a startup or a well established multi-national organization, avoiding the importance of social media will cause you loss of numerous customers for your website.

But to get the best out of social media, an effective step by step strategy is recommended. Here we have described step by step guide to plan and implement a successful social media marketing strategy.

1. Understand your business goal :

The first step to prepare successful social media strategy is to identify your business goals. Instead of concentrating on getting more likes or shares, you center of focus should be to improve conversions, user engagement and lead generation.Every post that you are going to share on social media must support your business goal.

2. Identify perfect social media channel :

Putting efforts on 4-5 channels together will do no good for your business, instead it will consume lot’s of your time without resulting any good. So the next step is to do your homework about which of the social media networks are the most preferred ones by your target audience. The selection of appropriate social media network also depends upon your business

Identify perfect social media channel

For eg, for an ecommerce site Facebook is the perfect social media network while Twitter is mostly used by businesses and professionals. Though sticking with the three big brothers which are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will be extremely beneficial for your business.

3. Create an attractive social media profile :

Always make sure that the social media profile of your business must reflect your brand. The profile picture and cover picture should indicate your business. The profile must contain a short business description about who you are along with your website url.
As stated by Christopher Butler from Newfangled, “Robots don’t read. Humans do”. Give your audience a purpose to visit your profile. You can also organize various events and contests to keep users engaged.

4. Create share worthy posts :

As stated, people only like to read stories well written and well shared. So if your content is not able to engage your audience, it’s time to reconsider your content strategy. Write content on the topics which your audience finds interesting.

Be consistent with posting and make use of visual formats. Whether it is an image or video or gif or infographics, a visual content is much more likely to be shared. You can also make use of tool like Feedly to create content strategy on the base of your customer interests.

5. Measure your efforts :

It is very important to keep track of your efforts in order to enhance business benefits. So marketers are recommended to spend some specific time every week to analyze social media campaigns. It will help in finding out which types of posts audience are getting engaged to, which type of content is being shared most and which areas require more improvements.

Also make sure that you measure key metrics instead of wasting time on irrelevant numbers. Also keep updating your marketing strategies and don’t be afraid of trying out new things.

So guys.. these are the five tips that are essential for successful social media strategy. What are the other tips that you think should be added here. Your suggestions are welcomed in the comments below.